Breakfast of Champions

ct heroes

First Annual Breakfast of Champions event is a celebration of individuals, corporations and organizations that have made remarkable contributions to their community. The selected Champions have all demonstrated the same principles and beliefs that have been held by the American Red Cross for over 132 years.

Corporate Champion - Gannett. Published Two heartwarming Sandy Books donating all profits to the American Red Cross and the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Community Champion – Joyce Shine-Mattis. Set up and ran distribution center at Bicentennial Hall in Rumson. Has been a supporter of the Jersey Coast Chapter in many capacities. The most notable was chairing a number of committees for the annual charity gala over a number of years.

Young Entrepreneurial Champions – Cowerks - Restore the Shore. Used their contacts, talent and creativity to produce and sell Restore the Shore Tee-shirts and raised $91,000 which they donated to the American Red Cross

Faith Based Champion – Pastor Scott Bostwick , St Paul’s United Methodist Church. Organized a soup kitchen that feed many victims after the storm and are still feeding those in need today.

Education Champion – Monmouth University. Set up a Shelter at the University that housed up to 1,500 victims of Sandy.

Military Champion - Joseph P. Eppolito, Naval Weapons Station Earle – Emergency Management Department. Came to the rescue of American Red Cross when we were unable to supply fuel to our fleet of vehicles. Has been very supportive of our Disaster Relief efforts in many other Capacities.

Philanthropic Champion – Monmouth Park Charity Fund. More than 100 service organizations over the years have been recipients of the registered Monmouth Park Charity Fund, incorporated in 1947. Distributions to the nonprofit agencies and health-care facilities since 1947 now total over $8,700,000.

Social Media Champion - Jersey Shore Hurricane News. Created Face Book page after Hurricane Irene and it continues today. During the aftermath of Sandy the NJ residents could follow updates and post information that was vital to the community.

Committee Members: JoAnn Arsi, Denice Gaffney, Donna Maritato, Kim Price, Gail Van Winkle