Pet First Aid at OPVMC

Learn to better care for your four-legged family members

Dogs and cats are more than just pets, they're family! And just like any other member of the family, pets deserve to be cared for and protected. That's why the American Red Cross has developed the Dog and Cat First Aid Program.

The Pet First Aid course, April 28 at the Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center from 6pm-9pm, will help participants learn how to:

  • Create a Pet first aid & emergency preparedness kit.
  • Make a plan for their pets in the event of a disaster that requires evacuation.
  • Understand the normal physical condition, behaviors and habits of their pets.
  • Demonstrate how to:
  • Safely approach an ill or injured cat or dog.
  • Check an unconscious cat or dog for breathing or cardiac emergencies.
  • Give rescue breathing and CPR to a cat or dog.
  • Care for a cat or dog that is choking, in shock or experiencing sudden illness.
  • Provide basic wound care and control bleeding.
  • Care for a cat or dog suffering from a burn, sprain, strain or fracture.
  • Care for a cat or dog that has a seizure.
  • The class costs $65/person, and space is limited. Please register through Sheila J. Barr at (716) 662-6660 ext 271 or Checks can be me made out to the American Red Cross.