Exploring Humanitarian Law: Workshop for Educators

Red Cross Cinncinati Humanitarian Law Workshop

Exploring Humanitarian Law is an adaptable toolkit from the American Red Cross that gives teachers easy-to-use primary source materials to help students understand the rules governing war and their impact on human life and dignity. The Exploring Humanitarian Law workshop gives educators the tools to introduce their students to the principles of respect for life and human dignity during armed conflict.

The materials are built on historical and contemporary situations. Designed to fit seamlessly into a wide variety of courses, including social studies, history, law, literature, civics and gifted programs. Participants will receive selections from an in-depth, user-friendly curriculum guide with five core modules. Topics include: The Humanitarian Perspective, Limits in Armed Conflict, The Law in Action, Ensuring Justice and Responding to the Consequences of War.

  • EHL meets national education standards for social studies and language arts
  • Curriculum designed for use with students ages 12 – 18.
  • Workshop will include adaptations for ESL classes.
  • Pre-registration required.

    For more information contact: Dyah Miller at dyah.miller@redcross.org or call 513.579.3023