Lunch & Learn International Humanitarian Law Summer Series: What is IHL?

Red Cross and Red Crescent hands

Pack your lunch and join us every other Wednesday for the four part Lunch & Learn the International Humanitarian Law Summer Series!

Part 1: What is IHL?

We will explore the origins of international humanitarian law and the role played by the Red Cross in creating it. We will examine the development of the Geneva Conventions and talk about how IHL is, by nature, reactive. This means how changes in the way wars are fought and the types of conflict that are waged throughout the world impact the way IHL is constructed. We will discuss how different types of conflict are classified and what that means with regard to laws.

Facilitated by Jack Wilson, Assistant Director, Service to the Armed Forces and International Services, North Texas Region

As with all of the summer sessions, everyone will be able to participate and help the entire group move from the theoretical to the historic to current events. There are no “wrong” answers, and there are no “wrong” questions.

Please invite your volunteers, staff and friends - this event is open & free to the public.