Heroes Breakfast

The American Red Cross exists to provide compassionate care to those in need.

American Red Cross Heroes are ordinary people whose actions embody the values of the Red Cross, and demonstrate the potential that is in all of us. Whether they’re stepping up during a medical emergency to provide assistance, or helping others through a lifetime of volunteerism, Heroes reflect what is best about our community.

The American Red Cross has selected your local Heroes who have done extraordinary deeds in their community in the spirit of the American Red Cross. Oftentimes their stories do not make the news; it is individuals or a corporation who sees a need, wants to help, and does selflessly without any recognition. Our celebration on Wednesday, March 26, is an opportunity to thank them for their work, to recognize them, and to inspire individuals at the event and beyond to follow their example. Please follow the link below to order your tickets to our Heroes Breakfast.

Contact Kyle Kriegl with questions: (715) 271-8395 - Kyle.kriegl@redcross.org

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