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Celebrating 2013 Red Cross Alameda County Volunteers

ALAMEDA, CA (June 26, 2013) – The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter is proud to announce the 2013 Alameda County Volunteer of the Year, Katie Guthrie.

The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to an individual who best exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism and who has contributed significantly to operations, programs, and services as well as the mission of the Red Cross.

Katie is the Team Lead for the Red Cross Bay Area Chapter, Alameda County Client Services department, but is also heavily involved with coordinating the work of Family Services, Health Services, and Disaster Mental Health. She is able to effectively transition between the different departments smoothly and completes new tasks quickly and efficiently.

Katie recognizes the value in every person and is able to engage them in a manner that is sensitive to their thoughts and feelings. She weaves her humanity into her relationships with staff, co-workers, and clients. She is a stellar volunteer whose goal is to lessen disaster related human suffering. Through Katie Guthrie’s exemplary communication skills she has established a wonderful model for the rest of us to follow as volunteers.

Outstanding volunteers honored at the Alameda County Volunteer Awards and Recognition Event held on May 7 also included:

  • Dana Nussbaum, Rookie of the Year
  • Heidi Stenner, Chuck Smukler, Suzanne Kallo-Heitzman, Gary Larsen and Tuahn Do, Disaster Services
  • Dave Dorman, John Rabold, Craig Knudsen, Janice Williams and Oakland Front Desk Team, General Support
  • Jamila English, International Services
  • Beth Morris, Tom Wong and Melissa Price, Health and Safety
  • Laura De Ramos, Tina Diep, Harris Sharma, Rodolfo Dizon, Good Neighbor
  • Ja'nice Hoobler and Pat Nicholas, Volunteer Supervisor
  • Shilpa Krish, Joanne Robinson, William Chan and Youth Team, Youth Services
  • James Leeper, Lorraine Rosenblatt and Fekerte Bezuayehu, Community Preparedness
  • Helen Knudson, Sheri Aylesworth, Cortes Saunders Storno, Ed Silva, President’s Volunteer Service
  • Committed, compassionate volunteers are the heart and soul of the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter. In the Bay Area, more than 2,000 dedicated people volunteer their time and energy to fulfill the Red Cross mission and help us strengthen our local community. For more information about becoming a Red Cross volunteer, please call 1-888-4-HELP-BAY (1-888-443-5722) or visit to learn more.

    About American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter

    As a community-based, humanitarian organization, the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter provides relief to those affected by disasters and empowers individuals in our community to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. By helping people in the Bay Area learn how to take care of their families and neighbors, the Red Cross strengthens the community and makes it ready for all types of disasters, including home fires, earthquakes, wildfires and health emergencies. Call 1-888-4-HELP-BAY (1-888-443-5722) or visit to learn more. You may also find us on Facebook and Twitter.