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EYE OPENER on CW33 Presents "That Show" Hosted by Oliver Tull

EYE OPENER, the weekday morning show on CW33, announced today a live performance on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 7:00pm benefiting The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Stepping outside the early morning show format, THAT SHOW is hosted by Oliver Tull and presented on stage at the Four Day Weekend Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas. Described as one part late night show, one part comedy short film festival, and one part hip hop concert, THAT SHOW is a 100% benefit back to our community.

As Dallas/Fort Worth’s “different kind of morning news show,” EYE OPENER has been reporting the on-going and headline-grabbing disasters in our community and surrounding areas for several weeks now. Justin Allen, Executive Producer of EYE OPENER and THAT SHOW, recognizes the need these disasters create. “THAT SHOW is a great way for us to showcase ‘the funny’ we do best, but you don’t see us do every morning, while also doing a really good thing for the victims of disasters by giving all the proceeds to the American Red Cross. For us, it’s a Win-Win.”

“The need for the Red Cross in our area has been varied but consistent this year – from the explosion in West to the tornadoes we saw in Moore and our own backyard in Texas,” said T.D. Smyers, Chief Executive Officer of the Red Cross. “We’re looking forward to this special night of laughs that will strengthen our community as the Red Cross continues to help those in crisis.”

Already scheduled to appear in THAT SHOW are hosts Sean Dowling and Holly Morgan from EYE OPENER, the music of DeWun Music, comedian/actor Grayson Howe, comedians Dean Lewis and Michele Benson, movie critic Cornelius Watkins, the magic of Ash Adams, and a short film by MAT & DeWun Music. Allen also notes, “There’s going to be a singing puppet. What else could people want?”

Oliver Tull, host of EYE OPENER and THAT SHOW says, "The people I work with on EYE OPENER are some of the funniest, most innovative, creative people I've ever worked with in my career, so THAT SHOW is going to be crazy good. Or just crazy! Given the hours we work, it's hard to tell.”

Allen concludes by saying, “You wake up with EYE OPENER every day, but now’s your chance to stay up way too late with us for a night of comedy and music!” Tull quickly adds, “Either way, it's for a great cause. And did you hear, there's going to be a singing puppet?!?"