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Maine Youngsters Collect Change for Good

ROCKLAND, MAINE – At Rockland District Middle School, students from each homeroom held a friendly competition to see who can collect the most spare change in an effort to assist with the relief efforts surrounding Hurricane Sandy. Children at the school raised a total of $507.12 for the American Red Cross, with Miss Campbell’s 7th grade homeroom class wining the competition with a total of over $200 collected!

Hurricane Sandy and her effects hit close to home for many children within the community. Experiencing the lesser effects the storm had on Maine, students were able to experience the power of a storm and begin to gain an understanding of the magnitude of loss suffered down the eastern seaboard.

The students spent time studying news reports. Social studies classes consisted of pouring through articles, discussing the news, and reporting on current events surrounding the hurricane. Many students had personal connections to family and friends who were directly affected by the storm, and were able to share their experiences and feelings through a unique perspective. The students knew that the disaster victims needed help.

They understood that many people lost their homes, personal belongings, memories, friends, families, and much more. They knew the Red Cross was on the ground helping all who needed assistance. The kids realized that financial assistance could make the greatest and most efficient impact and they wanted to help as much as they were able.

Though the students were in agreement that financial help was a high priority, the idea of collecting spare change was initially met with skepticism. “How could some loose change really make a difference?” they asked. They quickly realized that their spare change collection was gaining momentum and making an impact. In turn, this motivated them to collect more.

Every day the kids would gather to check the jar that was used measure their contribution, and every day the students agreed they needed more and more change. They wanted to keep collecting money to help. Collect more they did, as their contribution of $507.12 to the American Red Cross of Maine will go directly to disaster assistance and make a real difference.

Rachel Campbell, the Social Studies and Reading teacher whose class was the victors in the friendly competition, stated “I’m so proud of the entire school for raising money for such a great cause and for communities that really need it. The kids know that they helped make a difference and that’s what mattered to them! I’m so proud to be their teacher and to be a part of this charitable community.”

Everyone can do their part to help in the aftermath of a disaster. The students at Rockland District Middle School can teach us all a lesson about the power of compassion and determination.