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Red Cross Volunteers Respond to Explosion in Livingston Parish

More than two dozen homes were evacuated when an oil tank exploded Thursday night in Livingston Parish. No injuries were reported, however, the evacuation remains in place.

American Red Cross South Louisiana Region volunteers responded to the explosion near Watson in Livingston Parish. Volunteers canteened in order to feed and hydrate the first responders battling the blaze. Volunteers and staff are also working with the parish office of emergency preparedness to determine additional community needs.

Denbury Resources Inc. owns the facility where the oil tank is located. They are based out of Plano, Texas.

According to the Livingston Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the Denbury Corporate Office published a statement saying they would reimburse expenses for those displaced by the explosion.

Statement From Denbury Corporate Office:

Sorry for your inconvenience but due to safety factors we had to evacuate the area. We would like to reimburse those displaced by this incident for out of pocket expenses. Please contact myself, John Fournet, at the number below or my supervisor, Mark William, at 601-209-4896 or James Fields at 817-675-9339. We will work with the local authorities to make sure everything is secure and safe. Thank you for your cooperation.