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Red Cross is searching for Heroes in Mississippi

The American Red Cross Mississippi Region has launched its 2013 Heroes Campaign. Held annually, it is a way for the organization to raise the funds necessary to help support local disaster relief, services to the military, preparedness and training, and other critical needs.

For generations, the Red Cross has been sending Heroes into Mississippi communities during times of disaster. In order for the Red Cross to meet our commitments to these communities now and in the future, we need citizens willing to be "Heroes" for the Red Cross.

The campaign goal is to involve as many people from local communities as possible. People of all ages can serve as Heroes. Heroes pledge to raise $1,000 each for the Red Cross during this grassroots fundraising and awareness campaign.

"If you are up for this challenge, you can raise the money personally, as an organization or by hosting a fundraising event," said Megan Burkes, Red Cross Heroes Campaign chair. "All money raised here stays here."

$1,000 can cover the cost of...

• 167 blankets for people affected by a disaster.

• clothing for nine children who lost everything in a house fire.

• meals and lodging for five days for a family of three displaced from their home.

• a babysitting skills class for 14 youth.

• training 11 individuals to learn how to help someone in a cardiac or breathing emergency.

Red Cross identifies a Hero as an individual, group or business who pledges to raise or personally contribute $1,000 or more for their local chapter and serve as Hero for the Red Cross. Anyone can become a "Hero" by agreeing to raise money for the organization.

The funds can be raised in a variety of ways. Individuals may work alone or may choose to involve their company, civic club, church or school in their fundraising efforts. An individual or business may also choose to donate the needed money.

"As a local community campaign, Heroes challenges everyone to become involved in the work of the American Red Cross," said Sandra Hodge, Mississippi Region CEO. "While individuals, groups and businesses can achieve Hero status through a direct contribution, the Red Cross also encourages creative community approaches to the campaign to make it fun and engaging."

Any financial support of the campaign is tax-deductible. An average of 91 cents of every dollar you donate goes to fulfill our humanitarian mission.

The Red Cross helps Mississippians prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies, provides food, shelter and aid during times of disaster, supports military families and trains citizens in lifesaving skills such as CPR and first aid. All proceeds from the Heroes Campaign will benefit local chapters of the Red Cross Mississippi Region and their local services.

Please join our efforts to help your neighbors by becoming a "Hero for the American Red Cross" today. For more information, please contact Burkes at 228-896-4511. To find your local Red Cross Chapter or for more information, please visit