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Triangle Red Cross Marks 80 Years of First Aid Service to the North Carolina State Fair

Red Cross NC State Fair First Aid team

Red Cross volunteers treat everything from minor stomach aches to cardiac arrest.

The American Red Cross is proud to mark our 80th year of providing first aid for the North Carolina State Fair. Since the State Fair found its home in Raleigh in 1928, our volunteers have worked tirelessly each year to support the safety efforts of state and local officials, with the only break being 1941 to 1945, when the fair was suspended due to World War II. Our volunteers have always been power behind that effort, turning out by the dozens each year to update their training and help make the fair safe as well as fun.

Everyone wants to have fun at the state fair, and safety is a very important part of that. Kathy Ellen, who has managed the Red Cross first aid efforts for over 30 years said, “We are very proud of long standing partnership with the NC State Fair. This year we have over a hundred volunteers providing First Aid, partnering with local Emergency Medical Services, and helping to provide a safer environment for fair visitors.”

First Aid has been at the heart of Red Cross services for over 100 years, providing training for tens of thousands of Triangle residents each year, and serving local communities through first aid stations throughout the state and across the country.

“We are always excited to be able to offer first aid stations and support for large events, and the state of North Carolina is one of the closest and most valuable partners that we have. During the NC State Fair, we have treated everything from minor stomach aches to cardiac arrest, and our volunteers make that possible,” said Barry Porter, Regional Chief Executive for the Triangle.

Over the course of the North Carolina State Fair, our volunteers treated nearly 500 patients with everything from blisters, to stomach aches, to cardiac arrest.

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