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Two Years After Haiti Earthquake

It has been two years since a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti. While the needs of the Caribbean nation in the process of rebuilding remain great, Santa Cruz County American Red Cross donations are helping to improve Haitians’ quality of life.

View the American Red Cross' Haiti Earthquake video for more insight.

Our local Red Cross Chapter has received over $215,000 to support Haiti relief efforts since the quake hit January 12, 2010.

Your donations are supporting Red Cross programs to renew Haitian communities. The projects include building homes, providing clean water and sanitation, supporting health education programs and improving medical treatment, including fighting cholera outbreaks. We are also helping with emergency first aid training, workshops for children and projects to protect people from flooding and landslides.

Working in partnership with hundreds of Haitian Red Cross workers, we have also reached millions through text messaging, a weekly radio show and other outreach efforts. We are also funding job training projects for doctors, nurses, physical therapists, builders, masons and contractors.

The Red Cross expects to be in Haiti until every dollar is spent. To learn more about donating to Haiti or other relief efforts visit