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Red Cross Statement on Inaccurate Viral Email on Charity CEO Pay

Several inaccurate emails have been circulating for some time about the salaries of large charity CEOs, with a frequent uptick in activity during the holiday season. These emails contain inaccurate informatin about the compensation of the president and CEO of the American Red Cross, and in fact are wrong about the name of the Red Cross CEO. These viral emails include the name and  photo of Marty J. Evans and mistakenly refer to her and her compensation as the current CEO, even though she left the Red Cross many years ago. 

The president and CEO of the American Red Corss is Gail McGovern, and her base salary has remained $500,000-without any pay increases-since she joined the American Red Cross in 2008. This is considered well within the range for executives of large non-profits like the Red Cross, a $3.3 billion organization. 

The American Red Cross meets all standards of the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance. One of the BBB's standards for accountability is that a charity should spend at least 65 percent of total expenses on program activies. The American Red Cross vastly outperforms on this measure, spending an average of 91 cents of every dollar on humanitarian services. 

The Red Cross is committed to transparency; as it has for nearly the past decade, the Red Cross has posted its Form 990 in full on its public website: