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Corporate Partnerships

The Power of Two Great Names: Yours and Ours

Become a Red Cross Partner!

Contact Colleen Kean at 607-220-8409 to find out how your company can become a partner in delivering vital Red Cross services to the community.

Sponsor or attend a Red Cross Event.

Linking your name to the American Red Cross builds equity in a way that can't be acquired through advertising, marketing, public relations or other conventional channels.

According to the Cone Corporate Citizenship Study (2008), 85% of Americans say they have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about. And 79% of consumers say they are likely to switch brands to an organization associated with a good cause.

The American Red Cross thanks all of this year's Corporate Partners for their outstanding support of the life-saving programs and services that are the mission of the American Red Cross.

When you become an American Red Cross Corporate Partner, your organization's aligned with America's most trusted nonprofit and one of the world's most recognized and respected brands. The American Red Cross has received the Better Business Burea's Wise Giving Alliance Seal of Approval and the American Institute of Philanthropy's highest rating for the past three years.

As a Corporate Partner, you'll share in the goodwill generated by the innumerable selfless deeds and good works the Red Cross performs every day.

Corporate Partnership Can be Customized to Fit Your Needs and Meet Your Goals

With such a diverse range of services, the Red Cross offers many opportunities to align corporate partnerships with corporate strategies. We can help your company entertain clients, engage employees and increase marketing exposure.

Just a few ways to form Corporate Partnerships with the Red Cross:

  • Sponsor a Special Event
  • Sponsor a Save the Day of Disaster Program
  • Sponsor a Red Cross Program
  • Host Health and Safety Training
  • Sponsor a Third Party Fundraising Event
  • Host employee volunteer opportunities
  • Your Partnership in Action

    Support "Save the Day of Disaster". When disaster strikes, from fires to hurricanes, the Red Cross has always been there. You can help assure that we always will be.

    Keeping our Region Prepared

    We can't prevent the unexpected, but we can help people prepare for it by teaching families, organizations and corporations how to prepare for and respond to a disaster. As a Corporate Partner, you'll help our educational programs and information initiatives reach more people in more schools, workplaces and communities throughout our region.

    Supporting Soldiers and Their Families

    Military life comes with its own set of challenges. Our region offers a wide range of services to active duty, National Guard and Reserve personnel and members of their families, including connecting military personnel and loved ones in the event of a serious injury or illness, death of a family member, birth of a child, or other family emergencies and life events. When the situation demands the presence of a service member, we can also provide access to financial assistance for travel expenses.

    As a Corporate Partner in Red Cross Services to the Armed Forces, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped relay a vital message to a loved one overseas, delivered assistance to a military family, provided counseling to soldiers and their families and supported Red Cross volunteers working on front lines all around the world.

    Saving Hundreds of Lives Every Year

    All across New York, countless individuals are alive today because someone learned how to perform CPR, rescue a drowning victim, or prepare for an emergency in a Red Cross training program. Constantly looking for new ways to help people learn preparedness at home and in the workplace, we have also developed such innovative programs as babysitter's training, bloodborne pathogens training, and teaching people how to use automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to save victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

    Becoming a Corporate Partner makes you an integral part of one of the most essential jobs we do: saving lives.