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When you volunteer with the American Red Cross, you’re supporting one of the largest humanitarian networks in the world and making a positive impact on your peers and in your community. You can also maximize your talent, learn new skills, improve your resume and meet new people – all while making a meaningful difference in the lives of others by supporting our essential services, from blood collection to disaster preparedness education.

The Central New York Region of the American Red Cross is committed to actively engaging, supporting and training young people, like you, in the lifesaving mission of the Red Cross. Make your move – join us now!

CNY’s Youth and Young Adult Program can help you get involved today by giving you the tools to start a Red Cross Club; coordinating internship opportunities at your local Red Cross; providing training and development opportunities for young adults; facilitating short-term volunteer opportunities for groups and individuals; and including you in unique youth programs such as the International Humanitarian Law Action Campaign.

Register on Volunteer Connection

All volunteers, interns, and Red Cross Club members 13 and older will need to register on Volunteer Connection, the American Red Cross’ online Volunteer Management tool. Please register on Volunteer Connection and join the largest humanitarian network in the world!

Red Cross Clubs

Central New York - Red Cross Clubs

Red Cross Clubs are community or school-based service clubs that support the American Red Cross mission. Red Cross Clubs offer students or group members many opportunities to have new and diverse experiences, serve their communities, and gain leadership experience. Most importantly, clubs are encouraged to creatively and actively help meet the needs of their communities by implementing activities and programs that support fundraising for the Red Cross and its core services: Blood Services, Disaster Preparedness and Response, Service To Armed Forces, Health and Safety Services, and International Services.

Creative and fun activities are highlighted in step-by-step Activity Guides for College Students or Activity Guides for High School Students. Of course, your Club is always free to invent new ways of expressing the Red Cross mission by creating a unique Activity Guide of your own! If your unique activity was a big hit and you want to share it, pass it on to other clubs and to Julie Mucilli, Volunteer Specialist.

To join an existing club, contact the president of the club at your school. To start a Red Cross Club, contact Rebecca Nicosia at or (315) 234-2217. To start your own Red Cross Club, check out the requirements here.

This is a list of all active American Red Cross clubs in the Western and Central New York Chapter. If your school doesn’t already have a club, you can start one!

    High Schools, Colleges and Universities:

  • C.W. Baker High Sschool
  • SUNY Oswego
  • Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School
  • Syracuse University
  • Wells College

Internship Opportunities

Central New York - Internships
Internships with the Central New York Region of the American Red Cross offer a rich experience for students seeking hands-on, interactive learning in our lines of service, non-profit administration, program development, and community outreach. Chapter positions are available on an as-needed basis, so please check Volunteer Connection for available positions in your area or contact your local chapter.

Training and Development

Central New York - Training and Development
The Central New York Region is proud to provide youth and young adults with training opportunities for Red Cross Clubs and Interns. From Oct. 18-20, 2013, the Youth and Young Adult Program will pilot its first-ever training and development Institute for College Red Cross Clubs from our 16-county region: the Collegiate Leadership Institute (CLI) at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, Ithaca. The goals of the CLI are to increase club member knowledge of and commitment to the Red Cross mission; provide tools and support for clubs to creatively and actively express our mission in order to reach and impact communities in new and exciting ways; and strengthen relationships between club members, adult volunteers, American Red Cross staff and leadership in order to form a more robust Red Cross partnership. The Collegiate Leadership Institute will be held during October 2014 for both college and high school Red Cross clubs, so stay tuned! For more CLI information or training opportunities, contact Julie Mucilli at or (607) 727-4669.

Short-term Volunteer Opportunities

Central New York - Short Term Volunteer Opportunities

Young community members, student groups and youth after-school programs are also invited to engage in short-term Red Cross volunteer opportunities. Individuals and groups can partner with a local Chapter to do service projects such as a volunteer thank-a-thon, or they can implement one of the many creative and engaging activities designed by other youth in the Red Cross centered on Fundraising, Disaster Preparedness or Blood Services. You can refer to the following Activity Guides for College Students or Activity Guides for High School Students for step-by-step instructions to get started.

Short-term volunteer opportunities are great ways to become acquainted with the American Red Cross and contribute to the mission without having to make a long-term commitment. If you are looking for more ideas, you can also refer to the Menu of Youth Volunteer Opportunities. For more information, contact Rebecca Nicosia at or (315) 234-2217.

IHL Action Campaign

Central New York - IHL Campaign

The American Red Cross IHL Action Campaign is a new program designed to educate youth and young adults about International Humanitarian Law (IHL), the body of law that places basic limits on how war is waged. IHL aims to protect human dignity during times of armed conflict, and to prevent or reduce the suffering and destruction caused by war. Educating the public about International Humanitarian Law is a key responsibility of the American Red Cross as defined by its Congressional Charter and by the Geneva Conventions.

The IHL Action Campaign is a hands-on, interactive program that teaches youth that “Even Wars Have Limits.” Through the use of simulations, discussion and the design and implementation of a youth-led Action Campaign, young people are exposed to IHL values and principles and are then empowered to teach others in the community about the importance of respecting IHL. The program aims to support their development as problem solvers and compassionate global citizens who are able to grapple with ethical dilemmas and global issues.

Watch the following YouTube Video produced at the first annual National IHL Youth Symposium in Washington, D.C., to learn more about the program.

For more information, contact Julie Mucilli at or (315) 234-2217.

    Our national survey showed that...

  • Almost half of youth have never even heard of the Geneva Conventions or International Humanitarian Law.
  • 59% believe there are times when it is acceptable to torture the enemy.
  • 41% believe there are times when it is acceptable for the enemy to torture captured American prisoners.
  • 56% believe there are times when it is acceptable to kill enemy prisoners in retaliation, if the enemy has been killing American prisoners.


Questions? Contact Julie Mucilli, Volunteer Specialist for the Central New York Chapter, at or (315) 234-2217.

To learn more about what the Red Cross has to offer, visit the Red Cross Youth page.