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RG&E Heating Fund

The American Red Cross no longer administers the Heating Assistance program in the Rochester area. If you are in need of heating assistance, please visit or call the Heartshare program at 1-800-599-4327.

Food & Nutrition Services

The American Red Cross has been in the Catering business for over 35 years. We have long provided high quality food for reasonable prices. Our menus can be altered from our standard fare to fit your needs and wants. We can cater a small affair of 5 people to larger parties of more than 200. All orders come with plates, napkins, cups and cutlery.

In addition to catering services, in times of disaster we can provide thousands of meals for the community.

Click here for our basic catering menu (can be altered as mentioned above).

Meals on Wheels

Meals On Wheels is a therapeutic diet service designed to distribute nutritional meals to seniors, especially those convalescing, who are unable to secure meals for themselves. The meals are planned and prepared by certified dieticians and cooked for home consumption. Both heart-healthy and diabetic diets are available. All meals are low in sodium. A hot meal is delivered by Red Cross volunteers at lunchtime. The meals are cooked at Huntington Living Center and delivered Monday to Friday with the exception of the major holidays.

View the food services menu.


Any person over the age of 60 years living in the Greater Rochester area who is:

  • Physically, emotionally or mentally handicapped, or
  • Unable to shop for himself/herself, or Convalescing

    The recipient must:

  • Be able to feed himself/herself
  • Have resources for breakfasts, weekends, holidays and emergencies
  • Reside in the the Greater Rochester area

    Not usually. The program coordinator will complete paperwork with the client during a home visit prior to the start of services.


    There is a suggested contribution for Meals On Wheels. The suggested amount is only a guide. All contributions are voluntary and confidential. No one is ever denied service because of an inability to make a donation. A monthly statement of services is sent to the client or a family member.


    Red Cross volunteers are dedicated people who take their commitment seriously. They will help to open containers and put items in the refrigerator. Besides serving meals, they bring a cheery “hello” to homebound recipients, but in order to get all meals delivered hot, they must keep moving. They cannot stop for a lengthy visit or do personal favors or errands. Walks and steps must be shoveled for them. For the safety of our volunteers, if a recipient owns a dog or an “attack cat,” it is important that the pet be adequately restrained.

    Additional volunteers are always needed. Contact us today!

    Meals On Wheels is sponsored by The American Red Cross in the Finger Lakes and Greater Rochester Office for the Aging