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Red Cross Delivers Preparedness Kits to Steelman Estates

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It means a lot to Definitely to be forewarned like that. It will be a lot better than last year.

The pinging of an alert system echoes loudly throughout Dan Schnackenberg’s new home. The sound is coming from a weather radio an American Red Cross worker is programming in the corner of his kitchen.

“It means a lot,” Schnackenberg says of the Red Cross gift, “Definitely to be forewarned like that it will be a lot better than last year.”

Dan Schnackenberg understands all too well the effects of disasters. He was caught in the May 19, 2013 tornado while inside his trailer home.

“My old one (trailer home) was wrapped around a tree out here so it was completely destroyed and I was in it at the time,” Schnackenberg told the Red Cross. “I think it was the combination of that tree and I had a racing helmet and I put that on and went to the back bedroom and when it (tornado) came I survived it.”

Mr. Schnackenberg along with dozens of other Steelman Estates residents have rebuilt in the community that was destroyed in the May 19th tornado, making this area a priority for the Red Cross.

A dozen volunteers planned to distribute up to forty preparedness kits over the weekend in Steelman Estates. More kits will be delivered throughout the storm affected areas in the coming weeks.

The Red Cross provided funding for a new water well system for the Steelman Estates Housing Association after the May 2013 storms.

The Red Cross is also working with five other partner agencies on long-term case management for individuals and families. For many, this could include assistance with transportation needs, help with home repairs and even security deposits on new housing. Other long-term needs could include medical and mental health care. All cases are different and are based on individual and family needs. The Red Cross will be working with the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Society of St. Vincent De Paul, the Oklahoma United Methodist Church and Church of the Harvest to make sure all needs are met. All of these agencies will be working in unison out of centers in El Reno, Moore and Shawnee to serve clients. Those needing assistance can call 1-866-477-7276.