A voice of hope while sifting through rubble


Hurricane Wilma hit our home pretty hard. It actually ripped our roof off of our home and threw it in our front yard. It seemed the news was covering the hurricane, but seemed unaware of our devastation. They were covering silly things like toppled trees. I saw so many stories where they were showing a toppled tree here or a toppled tree there. I thought surely they would be at my home if they knew of the damage there. Here I was in the rubble of my entire home and they were covering toppled trees? I felt like no one knew we had this severe devastation going on. I was sifting through my belongings trying to salvage what could be washed and kept. Then, I heard a voice hollering from downstairs in the rubble. It was the Red Cross. They were meeting in the rec room of our complex to hand out gift card to those who have been affected by the hurricane. I couldn't believe someone was there with assistance and fresh clean water and ice. I wanted to cry because it seemed we had been forgotten but, those men and women in vests with the red cross on them told me I was not forgotten, after all. Someone cared. Someone had come to help. They offered us water, ice, and gift cards to Walmart so we could start purchasing things like clothes or whatever we needed. We had to basically start over. The Red Cross was there to help us start over. They weren't able to replace everything we lost, but in that day in the heat and humidity as I sifted through wet, soggy, moldy items, it felt good to know that these items were not the only thing I had left in the world. I had a gift card with some money on it so that I could start buying things to keep my family warm and dry with. I was so grateful for those men and women that day. They didn't have to be there giving their time to help me, but I was so glad they were.

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