Blood, sweat & cheers


One of my goals has been achieved this year and I am so very proud of our work here in New England. I am a lifetime member of the Tiffany Circle and a runner. When I joined the TC, one of my major goals for fund raising was to have our American Red Cross chapter be a part of the Boston Marathon Charity Program. I love the Marathon and I love the Red Cross. Bringing these two personal passions of mine together is a dream come true. With the help of our excellent staff, we were able to pitch to the BAA and were chosen as a Charity for the 2012 Marathon. We have 21 numbers and our goal is to raise $90,000+ plus raise awareness for the Red Cross in our community. Our long term goal is to become a legacy charity which would mean year after year numbers being given with the opportunity to run a larger format and larger funds coming in that could be part of the annual budget. Our team has a current Lt. from the Army, an ex-service man working for the Dept of Veterans affairs, a member of the US Embassy in San Salvador, a member of the Red Cross board from NY City, two Red Cross employees and a spokesman for the Blood Supply Division of the Red Cross who survived a major car accident. April 16, 2012 will be a very special day for our Chapter and for the 21 runners that will be proudly wearing the Red Cross Running shirts. (Including me). Karen


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