Forever grateful for my Red Cross training


In February 2001, my son, Michael and I were returning home from a day in San Francisco where we had been celebrating his 3rd birthday. My son, safely strapped in his car seat in the back seat, asked for his lunch leftovers, which I handed back. A couple of minutes later, I realized he was choking on a grape that was in the lunch. I pulled over on the edge of the freeway and quickly took him from the car seat. I tried, unsuccessful at first, to dislodge the grape using the techniques I had been taught in Red Cross First Aid classes. After a few more tries, and a harrowing couple of minutes while freeway traffic whizzed past us, the grape dislodged and he began to breath again. I always thought that if my child choked, there would quickly be help available, but that day on the freeway, it was just me and the training I had received from a Red Cross class. I'll forever be grateful for the knowledge I gained in those classes.

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