My son Henry is the reason I continue to give


27 years ago my youngest son, Henry was born. 10 weeks early and only 3 lbs at birth Henry had a very rough time and was incubation for 13 days (his weight dropped down to 1.5 lbs). He needed blood and I went to the Red Cross and started giving blood on the day of his birth. I have been giving blood for quite some time now. I believe in the American Red Cross so much that I wanted to get more involved. I am on the Board of Directors for the Triangle Regional Chapter in North Carolina and give not only my time and money but also my blood. Oh! By the way young Henry is a strapping healthy young man who has overcome a lot of challenges due to his premature birth but has a college degree in Geology. Thanks to the American Red Cross for all they do with blood donations, help with disasters, and the help to the military!

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