Providing assistance with the Red Cross at our side


My most memorable story would have to be when I was with the "Air Land Emergency Response Team" out of Big Sandy, Texas. We were working alongside the Red Cross, to find a little autistic girl who had wandered into the woods the night before. It was a challenge because she could not reply to our calls also, the weather was cold, and since it had been over eight hours since her disappearance, we feared she had hypothermia. We found her one hour after we had boots on ground, she was hypothermic but with us as EMT's, and the Red Cross at our side we were able to give her the Aid she needed. I remember the Red Cross had a Large, RTV kind of vehicle, where they were giving out coffee and food to the rescuers. It was a good start in the medical field, and now as a Combat Medic in the Army, with one deployment to Iraq and a future one to Afghanistan, I look forward to working with Red Cross again. They are always a joy to work with; I worked with them in Baghdad, Iraq, (VBC) That was a pleasure also. Thank you.

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