The Red Cross ensured we were sheltered and protected


My husband was out of the country when I got a call from our son that our house was on fire. By the time I got home our home was completely engulfed in flames. While our house was salvaged we lost almost everything. The Red Cross arrived at our house not long after I arrived home. They paid for us to stay in a motel and gave us food vouchers until we could make arrangements for a place to stay. They were there when I needed support the most. In short, they took the place of my husband and sheltered and protected us until my husband could get home from Spain. While this happened 11 yrs. ago, I still am and will always be indebted to the American Red Cross. I still have the Teddy Bear with the red heart as a reminder of how God provided for us through the American Red Cross. GOD BLESS THE AMERICAN RED CROSS!

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