The Red Cross was our silver lining on an otherwise sad day


Our dryer caught on fire during spring break three years ago. I had just got home from work and began cooking supper. It was raining, so chili sounded great. One of the children yelled that the laundry room was on fire. We got everyone out safely, including pets, and called 911. Before the fire was even put out, Red Cross was there. They let me sit in their vehicle although I was soaking wet from standing in the rain. They assisted us with a hotel room for a few days. They even gave us money for clothing and food before they left. A few days later, they visited the house with us. Once we realized everything was a total loss, they gave us money to buy new bedding, kitchen utensils, and other things. They referred us to other agencies that would help with utilities and other necessities if needed. The Red Cross was the only silver lining to that dreary, rainy, and sad day. I am very grateful and appreciative of the Red Cross and all that it means. It is more than just about money. It was about compassion and hope.

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