Using CPR on a loved one


Well I have been an instructor for over 30 years and have worked on many types and ages of people, saved some and made a real good job trying, at least this is what I was told, by fellow EMTs and Doctors also by parents. But it was the first time I had to do it to a family member named Brinx an American Eskamo 16 years old, I had given him his medicine for "lighting" he gets his med every summer when we have bad thunder storms pass by. Well a half hour later I went into the bedroom and tried wakening him, couldn't rouse him... First thing I did was panic, I was home alone and no one lived by, we now lived on a farm. Second I picked him up and ran around the house with him under my arm like a little kid looking for my phone and truck keys, then I stopped and said you know what to do and I set him back on the bed on his back, tilted his head back and grabbed his snout and gave him 3 good blows, still nothing and I did it again, this time he gasped, so once again I threw him under my arm and ran out side to the truck he once again gave a gasp when the wind hit his face, I tossed him in and ran to the other side, got going to the vet 3 country miles away, I kept shaking him with one hand and trying to call the vet in between shaking him. Well we got to the vet and he said I saved his life and we had to change his meds to a lower dose! I still had to watch him all day till the drug wore off. That was the first time I was ever scared!

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