All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

  • Trace Adkins

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Trace Adkins Competes for the Red Cross

Trace Adkins, award-winning country music star and American Red Cross spokesman, competes on behalf of the American Red Cross during Donald Trump’s “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC.

Adkins joined the American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet in 2012 and his family was helped by the organization after a fire.

“When my home was claimed by fire last year, Red Cross volunteers were among the first on-site,” Adkins said. “They looked after my family when I couldn’t be there and offered help. We were fortunate because we could replace the things we lost but that’s not always the case for every disaster victim. That’s when the Red Cross steps in. I am supporting the mission of the Red Cross and hope to help them reach more people in need,” Adkins said.

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