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Learn-to-Swim Level 3 - Stroke Development

Class Format - Classroom ID: 7ed742d20d In Learn-to-Swim Level 3, children and youth expand proficiency of previously learned skills with additional guided practice. Participants learn and practice survival floating, swim front crawl and elementary backstroke at rudimentary proficiency levels. They also learn the scissors, breaststroke and dolphin kicks and extend the time duration for treading water. Participants should also learn rules for headfirst entries and begin to learn to enter the water headfirst from a seated position at poolside (ifthe water is 9 feet deep or deeper). Participants who successfully complete Level 3 have gained the skills that demonstrate a minimum level of water competency in a swimming pool. To enroll, participants must be able to demonstrate the exit skill assessments from Learn-to-Swim Level 2.

  • Provided by: Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club
    The Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club
    15 Talbot Avenue,
    Dorchester, MA 02124 (404.6 mi.) Map
    Language: English
    Format: Classroom
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