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Preschool Aquatics Level 3

Class Format - Classroom ID: 82a09693d0 In Preschool Aquatics Level 3, children (approximately 4 to 5 years old) increase the levels of proficiency of basic aquatic skills learned previously in Levels 1 and/or 2 by providing additional guided practice of basic aquatic skills by increasing repetitions, distances, times or levels of refinement. Skills in this level are performed independently by the child. Children also continue to learn about safe behaviors in and around the water. To enroll in Level 3, children must be able to demonstrate the exit skill assessments from Preschool Aquatics Level 2.

  • Provided by: Salem Athletic Club
    Salem Athletic Club
    16 Manor Parkway,
    Salem, NH 03079 (416.5 mi.) Map
    Language: English
    Format: Classroom
  • Full Class Schedule
    11:00a - 11:30a