Red Cross Clubs

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Red Cross Clubs are officially recognized clubs on school campuses led by middle, high school and college students who wish to serve their community as volunteers of the American Red Cross. Clubs participate in activities such as service projects and leadership training by planning events at their own schools and participating in Chapter sponsored projects. Last year clubs planned events ranging from Community Disaster Education to Red Cross Blood Drives.

Students in Red Cross Clubs also organize fundraisers for a variety of Red Cross initiatives including international disasters and the Chapter’s youth program. Clubs also help the American Red Cross by building awareness, hosting blood drives, promoting Red Cross programs, and much more!

Take action now and join your school’s Red Cross Club or start one if your school doesn’t have one yet! All of our clubs in Monterey and San Benito Counties were started by youth just like you!

    The Monterey Bay Area Chapter currently supports three Red Cross Clubs: Carmel High School, Robert Louis Stevenson, and San Benito High School. These clubs are committed to:

  • Improving the lives of fellow students and others who live in the community.
  • Providing educational programs for classmates that will help them develop lifesaving skills.
  • Assisting the Red Cross in saving the lives of their neighbors during times of disaster.
  • Encouraging all interested students to become members, regardless of sex, race or national origin.
  • Upholding the principles that educate, encourage and empower us to be role models and set us on a path to be current and future leaders.

American Red Cross Clubs are school-based organizations that are led and run by students. Clubs organize and participate in projects that benefit their communities, schools, homes and in some cases, the world.

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