Business Emergency Response Team Training

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The American Red Cross of Orange County’s Business Emergency Response Team Training (BERTT) program was developed because of the need for a well-trained business emergency work force. These teams will respond during emergency and disaster situations. The training program provides for business self-sufficiency through the development of multi-functional response teams.

BERTT members receive 28 hours (in four-hour modules) of initial training. The seven week course is followed by continuing education and assistance with coordination of refresher drills.

The ability of a business or community to effectively recover from the devastating effects of an earthquake requires active participation, planning, and cooperation of all. The fundamental responsibility for preparedness however lies with every individual business.

By encouraging preparedness efforts and hazard mitigation, the effects of a disaster can be minimized considerably, as well as facilitate recovery. The benefits of this program are numerous. It can increase the overall level of disaster readiness, provide emergency skills that employees may use in day-to-day emergencies, enhance the bond between government and business, and increase employee morale.

For more information on BERTT, please contact Marsha McNamara at (714) 481-5353 or