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Volunteer Opportunities

Find volunteer opportunities in your local area
By volunteering with the American Red Cross, you’ll join a worldwide movement dedicated to providing relief to victims of disaster. Whether you’re in career transition, a student looking for experience, work full-time, retired, or have a few extra hours, you too can make a difference and save lives.


General Volunteer (18 years or older)

Support the Red Cross Mission through programs, projects, community events and presentations, local disaster relief, teaching lifesaving courses, supporting blood drives, and more!

Teen wearing Red Cross t-shirt comforting two children

Youth & Young Adult Services

Engage your High School or College with Red Cross as a Youth Club or support your local Youth Corps.

Youth Interns

Summer Internship Program

Become an Intern with the Red Cross and receive networking, personal and professional development opportunities.

Volunteer Groups

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved with the Red Cross as a group, Red Cross volunteer or not, in a one-time volunteer event.