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Youth programs play a major role in preparing our young people for the future emphasizing education, leadership and volunteerism. That's why we're committed to doing whatever it takes to encourage you to make our community a better place. Whether you need hours for school or planning ahead for college, we have after-school and weekend projects that provide fun and valuable community-minded opportunities.

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High School Red Cross Clubs

High school Red Cross clubs encourage students to get involved with the Red Cross as volunteer members of their school’s student-led club. Each club works closely with the Red Cross to learn about and participate in training, service project opportunities, chapter-sponsored programs and national initiatives.

If you are interested in starting a Red Cross club at your high school, please contact Christopher Fielder at or (888) 831-0031 ext. 2013.

College Fieldwork Study (Internship)

The American Red Cross internship program is a mutually beneficial partnership with individuals who are affiliated with an accredited institution. The program provides students with meaningful opportunities to help their community through involvement with the Red Cross while gaining real-world experience and guidance from experts in their field of study. Stimulating and challenging professional projects, assignments and activities enhance the student's educational experience and skills.

If you are interested in the internship program, please contact Christopher Fielder at or (888) 831-0031 ext. 2013. Please include your resume.

Community Service

Youth requiring completion of community service hours for class, honor society, religious requirement or probation are requested to contact our office so we can determine the appropriate projects and supervised time available to satisfy the community service requirement. We will do our best to work with your schedule and requirements, but recognize at times we may not be the most appropriate match to serve your needs.

For more information on community service, please contact Christopher Fielder at or (888) 831-0031 ext. 2013.