Our Supporters

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Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Our supporters have become part of a network of millions of Americans who donate their time and money to the humanitarian work of the Red Cross. We thank them for their gifts and we are privileged to put their compassion into action.

Individuals Lending Support
Through our Major Donor Programs, individuals who are able to make donations over $1,000 help the American Red Cross maintain our capacity to respond immediately whenever someone is in need. Their support helps us meet critical needs for disaster preparedness and response, lifesaving training, services to military members and their families, and international humanitarian care. They truly help save lives through their generosity and commitment. For more information on programs outlined below, please contact Marinda Peugh - marinda.peugh2@redcross.org, 858-309-1274.

1898 Society

1898 Society

The 1898 Society recognizes individuals and families whose annual giving to the American Red Cross is at least $1,000 and less than $10,000.

American Red Cross Tiffany Circle logo

Tiffany Circle

The Tiffany Circle was created in 2006 as a society dedicated to the women who give their time, talent and treasure to the American Red Cross. Tiffany Circle women are committed to serving the organization through leadership and philanthropy. By investing $10,000 annually in the American Red Cross, these women follow in the footsteps of a long line of women leaders who have helped the Red Cross serve the American public in times of war and peace through disaster response, blood collection, safety training and countless other community assistance services.

For additional giving program opportunities, please click here.