First Aid Service Team

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The American Red Cross of the Silicon Valley First Aid Services Team is an experienced provider of first aid services for community events.

Our team is a major participant in supporting over 43 community events each year, including the Gilroy Garlic Festival, Obon, Greek Festival, Jazz Festival, Kidney Walk, Facebook, SanDisk, Gay Pride, Cinco de Mayo, community bike races, fundraisers and many more.

FAST provides first aid medical treatments for everything ranging from scrapes and blisters to major traumas and medical conditions. If necessary, we also coordinate the response of advanced care and/or transport for the patient with regional EMS team.

The team provides not only a base first aid station and also depending on the event roaming first aid teams on foot, on bicycle or on motorized carts. Medical transport of patients to hospitals is not supported by FAST but is coordinated through standard EMS agencies as part of the 911 system.

The American Red Cross of the Silicon Valley’s First Aid Services Team is and all-volunteer, low cost solution for the first aid needs at your event.

For availability and to book the First Aid Service Team for your event, please call (408) 577-2176 or email

About Team Members

The First Aid Services Team is composed of over 90 volunteers trained at various levels including standard first aid, Emergency Medical Responders (EMR), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Paramedics, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Registered Nurses, Wilderness medical specialties, and Medical Doctors.

A licensed physician, who serves as our medical director, approves all medical protocols and policy decisions for the FAST. It is under that license, that the team receives its authority to provide medical care, and is allowed to provide ‘enhanced’ skills, such as the use of oxygen, automatic external defibrillators (AED’s), and the assisting of over the counter medications.

For those considering joining our team, the minimum requirement is certification in standard first aid and certification in adult, infant and child CPR. All those, except first aid trained and first responder level, are certified by the State of California as a health care professional. Team members must meet minimum physical requirements, attend training meetings several times a year, work at least 20 hours during the season and maintain compliance for their first aid/medical certifications or licenses.

How do I book the team?

Contact us for availability and to book the First Aid Services Team (FAST) by calling 408-577-2176 or emailing

An event coordinator needs to recognize the importance of on-site first aid care at an event. It is as important a part of the event as food, sanitation, traffic control and security. Planning for the provision of first aid care for both spectators and participants is essential for humanitarian and legal reasons. In some communities it is a requirement for a special event permit.