Ready Certified

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Don’t allow your business to become a disaster statistic; enroll in the American Red Cross Ready Certified(TM) Program today!

The American Red Cross Ready CertifiedTM Program was developed by the American Red Cross of the Silicon Valley to address preparedness and response protocol problems encountered by local businesses.

This unique full service certification program is designed to reduce the time commitments of your staff thereby lowering costs while providing you with the most comprehensive training and emergency response plans available today. Program services include:

  • Monthly Management Reporting (Key Metrics)
  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Annual Readiness Assessment
  • Semi-Annual Emergency Response Team Readiness Assessment
  • Employee Purchase Program
  • Training Certification Tracking
  • Bi-monthly Health Awareness Campaigns
  • 11 General Safety Awareness Campaigns

    As the world leader in emergency readiness, the American Red Cross will provide your entire organization with:

  • The peace of mind and confidence needed to ensure that your workplace has comprehensive best-practices standards for emergency readiness in place.
  • A turn-key, single source solution to prevent, plan for, and respond to an emergency.
The American Red Cross Ready Certified(TM) Seal backed by the time-honored and internationally recognized symbol of the Red Cross and our 128 years of experience in preventing, preparing, and responding to emergencies.

ARC Ready Certified™ Program Components

    Management Services

  • Initial Assessment
  • Emergency Readiness and Response Master Plan
  • Emergency Readiness Education
  • Regulatory Agency Compliant Procedures
  • Emergency Kit Life Cycle Management
  • Monthly Management Reporting
  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Annual Readiness Assessment


  • Incident Reporting and Tracking
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Readiness Initial Assessment
  • ERT Emergency Readiness & Training Competency Framework
  • Emergency Readiness & Response Training Plans
  • Emergency Readiness Response Training
  • Training Certification Tracking and Notification
  • Semi-Annual Readiness Assessment
  • Employees
  • Training Tracking & Notification
  • American Red Cross Store
  • American Red Cross Education Portfolio


  • Employee Awareness Campaigns
  • 7 Health Awareness Campaigns
  • 11 General Safety Awareness Campaigns
  • Additional Campaigns Based on Needs
  • ERT Emergency Readiness & Training Competency Framework
  • ERT Roles and Responsibilities
  • Individual ERT Member Training Plans Based on Needs
  • Certification Tracking and Notification
  • Periodic Emergency Readiness Evaluation
  • Semi-Annual ERT Readiness Assessment
  • Access to Complete ARC Training Portfolio


  • Emergency Readiness & Response Master Plan
  • Incident Command Structure
  • Emergency Readiness Resource Map
  • Emergency Planned Partnerships
  • Response Protocols or Guidelines for Each Emergency Category
  • Incident Reporting and Closure
  • Recovery Planning and Closure
  • Plan Development & Implementation
  • Periodic Readiness Evaluation Exercises

    Emergency Kits

  • Individual Level
  • On-Site Employees
  • Special Needs Employees
  • Employee Vehicle
  • Traveling Employees
  • Employees Working from Home
Site Level
  • ERT
  • Site
  • Mass Care
Home Level
  • Family
  • Car
  • School
  • Pets
Kit Life Cycle Management
  • Sourcing
  • Deployment
  • Replenishment
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Existing Customers may contact Vaughn Klebig at (650) 688-0430 or email with questions and to obtain more information.