Nurse Assistant Program Requirements

  • Red Cross nurse comforting elderly lady

    Course Requirements

  • At least 17 years of age
  • Cleared background check
Please note: The lab/clinical sessions require strenuous activity (lifting). If you have any conditions that could affect your ability to participate, including pregnancy or an injury, you must provide written permission from your physician before the class begins.

    Program Course fee: $1,250 includes:

  • Academic Course Fee
  • Text Books
  • Stethoscope & Blood Pressure Equipment
  • Background Check
  • Red Cross Photo Badge

    Additional requirements are the responsibility of the student

  • Tuberculosis PPD Testing or chest x-ray
  • Drug Screen
  • Certified Nurse Aide State Exam Fee on graduation - $94
In addition, the student must provide their own clinical day uniform which includes:
  • Red Collared shirt
  • White pants
  • White shoes
  • Watch with second hand
  • Pen with black ink

Nurse Assistant Training textbook

Nurse Assistant Training (PDF, 247KB)

Imagine a job that rewards you for caring about others ~ a job where you make a difference. As a Nurse Assistant, you will be an important part of today’s world of health care, with knowledge and skills that are always in demand. Download the guide

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