Recovering after a Disaster or Emergency

How We Can Help After a Disaster

After a disaster, communities and families turn to the Red Cross for help—and we stand ready to provide comfort and care—free of charge.

The Red Cross helps disaster victims by providing safe shelter, hot meals, essential relief supplies, emotional support and health services like first aid. Trained Red Cross workers often meet one-on-one with families to develop individual plans and identify available resources to help aid recovery.

Red Cross disaster relief focuses on relieving immediate disaster-caused needs so that families can get back on their feet and resume their lives as quickly as possible. The Red Cross also supports emergency workers, links family members outside the disaster area, and provides blood and blood products to disaster victims.

Searching for Family Members

During an emergency, letting your family know that you are safe can bring loved ones peace of mind. If you have a loved one in a disaster-affected area and are unable to contact them directly, please visit our Safe and Well service to see if your family member has registered. If no information is available, contact your local Red Cross chapter to request assistance.

Red Cross woman holding a baby in a shelter during a disaster

Staying Safe in the Immediate Aftermath

Immediate steps you can take during and after a disaster or emergency to help ensure your family’s safety.

Person checking the structural elements of their home after a disaster

Checking Your Home: Structural Elements

Making sure the structure of your home is sound and safe to enter when returning after an evacuation.

Person checking home utilities after a disaster

Checking Your Home: Utilities, Systems and Household Items

Evaluating major systems and other essential items once your house is deemed safe to enter.

Family hugging after a disaster

Recovering Emotionally

Caring for yourself and your loved ones in the hours, days and weeks following a disaster.

Couple learning how to recover financially after a disaster

Recovering Financially

Working with your insurance company, prioritizing bills, reaching out for help, and replacing important documents.