International Services

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The American Red Cross Florida’s Southern Gulf Region works with a global network of Red Cross, Red Crescent and equivalent societies to restore hope and dignity to the world’s vulnerable people.

I Am Alive

The family messages transmitted by the Red Cross can be very brief, but the three short words "I am alive" may be all that is needed to ease the minds of distraught loved ones half a world away.

Armed conflict and natural disaster leave millions of people around the globe in urgent need of humanitarian assistance every year. Adding to the physical losses, the confusion and chaos surrounding war and natural disasters often separates families when they need each other most. Tragically, when families and loved ones are separated by war or disaster, their suffering is greater. But, through the strength of the global Red Cross and Red Crescent network and the assistance of local tracing volunteers around the world, the American Red Cross helps families reconnect.

American Red Cross International Family Tracing Services accepts tracing cases and traces sought persons when:

  • Families have been separated as a result of either armed conflict or disaster.
  • Families have already tried normal channels of communication, to the extent possible.
  • The family member making the inquiry provides sufficient essential information on the sought person.
  • The family member making the inquiry is a close family relative, who has been in direct contact with the sought person before the conflict or disaster occurred.