Youth Corps

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The American Red Cross provides the premier environment for youth and young adults to learn, practice and exemplify humanitarian values.

Youth Council

As a member of the American Red Cross Youth Council, you can develop your leadership qualities and make an enormous impact on your community. Youth Council members primarily teach first aid, water safety, disaster, or disease prevention classes to children. There are also opportunities in volunteer management, web design, representation of the Red Cross at community events, fundraising, office work, assisting with local disasters, and leadership positions. The Youth Council is made up of 75 hand-picked high schoolers who interviewed for their place on this elite team of volunteers. The Youth Council is run by the Youth Executive Board; 12 very professional high school students who organize the youth camp, manage the other volunteers, plan volunteering opportunities, and oversee the training of elementary school children across the area. For more information, please contact Stephanie Ring at (813) 868-7678

Youth Volunteer Instructors

Youth volunteers are trained to teach life-saving Red Cross skills to young children through fun songs and dancing puppets, skits and more. Presentations educate children on how to do basic first aid, stay safe in potential dangerous situations such as being home alone, lost in a store, playing in the water, preventing germ spread or preparing for disasters. Youth volunteers present at schools, public libraries, boy & girl scout troops, and children’s museums throughout Florida's West Coast Region. Each year, the volunteers in our youth program teach more than 15,000 children in basic safety programs. To get involved, please contact Stephanie Ring at (813) 868-7678

Summer Camps

Do you want to teach young children? Would you like to learn how to help in a shelter during a disaster? Are you interested in leadership skills and tools and information to help you make good decisions, be a good role model, and become a peer counselor? Maybe you would like to become a lifeguard or first responder one day? These summer camps are an exciting way for youth to learn about preparedness and leadership. Click here for an application.

School Clubs

American Red Cross Youth clubs are school-based service groups that help the Red Cross fulfill its humanitarian mission; to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters. Working closely with the local chapter of the American Red Cross, club members participate in Red Cross service projects that impact their community and the world. They offer student members many new opportunities for self-development and the ability to choose activities that will address the community’s greatest needs. Click here to learn more! For more information, please contact Stephanie Ring at (813) 868-7678