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The American Red Cross of the Quad Cities Area works hard to provide today’s youth with the knowledge and skills to lead safe and healthy lives. With this goal in mind, Red Cross youth services offers a variety of programs, projects, and courses for youth in grades K-12.

Why Volunteer with the Red Cross?
  • Makes you feel good
  • Help your community
  • Build life skills
  • Helps build a resume
  • Learn job skills
  • Make new friends in your community
  • Looks good on a scholarship form

Red Cross Clubs

Red Cross clubs in local high schools work in Quad Cities neighborhoods to reach children with important life-saving and life-changing information. Clubs are active at Sherrard High School, United Township High School, Martin Luther King Center, Logan Elementary School, Bettendorf Middle School, Assumption High School and a peer educator group at Bettendorf High School in Iowa. These groups of young leaders have performed dozens of community service projects and gained leadership skills.

For more information, call or email Eileen at or 309-277-4003.

Youth Courses
The following courses are provided free of charge to local schools, after school programs, youth programs, clubs, and others. For more information on Red Cross youth programs in Iowa, please call 309-743-2166.

  • Basic Aid Training (ages 8-11) – This course teaches basic first aid skills and information about injury prevention and health, including rescue breathing, choking, and poison control.
  • Masters of Disaster (grades K-8) – This course helps students and their families to prevent, prepare, and respond to disasters.
  • Home Alone (grades 2 – 5) – This course helps students learn how to handle different situations when they are left at home alone.
  • Scrubby Bear Hand-Washing (grades pre-K – 2) – Students learn the importance of hand-washing as well as the proper techniques.
  • First Aid For Little People (ages 5-8) – Students learn basic first aid skills including wound care, how to cal 9-1-1, poison control, and what to do in case of a fire.
  • First Aid for Children Today (ages 5-8) – This program covers many health and safety issues children face today such as first aid, healthy living habits, road safety, first aid for the environment, and injury prevention.
  • Longfellow’s Whale Tales (ages 5 – 12) – A water safety program to help make children aware of safe behavior in and around water.

Additional Resources:
Youth Services Brochure

For more information about hosting a program, please use the contact information below:

Meredith Roemerman

Beth Asbury

Lincoln Land Branch, Bureau County Branch and Northwest Illinois Chapter:
Madelyn Schaummann