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Why do business with the non-profit sector?

Alliances between the non-profit and business sectors are extremely important because:

  • By working with non-profit organizations, companies identify themselves as good corporate citizens, inspiring customer loyalty and increasing market share - reporting a third bottom line to their consumers.
  • Identifying shared territory between both parties brings mutual benefits - common interests lead to mutual cooperation, which benefits the community as a whole.
  • Aligning a brand to a non-profit organization is a strategic positioning tool that brings mutual benefit for both company and cause.
  • Why choose The American Red Cross?

    Here are ten good reasons to align your organization with the American Red Cross Illinois Capital Area Chapter:

  • The American Red Cross occupies a unique market position as the most-recognized humanitarian symbol in the world.
  • The American Red Cross is the world leader in the provision of disaster response and relief.
  • The American Red Cross has a unique position in the charity market place as a trustworthy, reliable and dependable non-profit, with enormous historical leverage as a prestigious and proactive agency.
  • The American Red Cross has an extensive volunteer base, with 500 volunteers at the Illinois Capital Area Chapter alone.
  • The American Red Cross is everywhere for everyone, everyday.
  • The American Red Cross is the only charity in the world that is neutral and impartial.
  • The American Red Cross is not linked to any particular religion or philosophy - the Red Cross mandate is enshrined in international law, with a worldwide mission to 'alleviate human suffering wherever it may be found.'
  • The Illinois Capital Area Chapter is visible and relevant in the community, maintaining an outstanding local presence through the provision of emergency services, first aid health & safety training and other community services.
  • The Illinois Capital Area Chapter provides essential services that no other charity provides including Disaster Relief, Armed Forces Emergency Services (AFES), and Meals on Wheels.
  • The Illinois Capital Area Chapter can demonstrate the tangible results of your donation - our service provision is impeccable in its transparency and accountability.
  • What's in it for you?

    Depending on your category of partnership, benefits can include:

  • Public acknowledgement of your sponsorship through internal and external communications, website linkages, social media platforms, media including integrated television and print campaigns, and media support.
  • Opportunity to participate in corporate lunches, information evenings and special events.
  • Direct feedback - we will provide you with tangible results demonstrating how your sponsorship has assisted.
  • Promotion of your organization as a good corporate citizen.
  • Prestige of association with the world's foremost volunteer humanitarian organization.
  • Cross-promotional opportunities through traditional and e-communications e.g. brochures and magazines, and website links.
  • Enhanced reputation and market positioning.
  • Get in touch!

    Could we potentially build a relationship that would benefit the local community? Are you interested in further information about a community/business partnership?

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