License to Give

Help Illinois Drivers Support the Red Cross Mission

Illinois Capital Area Red Cross, License to Give Program, Legislative Dome
The American Red Cross Specialty License Plate can be available in Illinois beginning January 1, 2014 but only after Red Cross supporters, volunteers and donors fill out the form on the back of this page, make a non-refundable $25 donation and then mail these items directly to the Secretary of State. 1,500 requests must be received before the Secretary of State starts plate production.

Make a $25 non-refundable donation to the Red Cross but made out to the Illinois Secretary of State.

Mail the form and your $25 donation to:
  • Secretary of State
  • Vehicle Services Department
  • Special Plates Division
  • 501 South Second Street, Room 312
  • Springfield, IL 62756

  • Filling out the form and making a donation does not obligate or commit you to purchase a Red Cross license plate. Your donation will be deposited in a special fund for the Red Cross regardless of whether or not plates are produced.

    For more information about this program, please contact