Group Opportunities

  • Ready When the Time Comes volunteers
Ready When the Time Comes (RWTC) is an American Red Cross program that partners the nonprofit with civic, faith-based and business organizations. These partnerships help people in communities affected by disasters, whenever they occur. Your church, social or professional group can be caring hearts and helping hands when your fellow Louisianans need them most by volunteering during a local disaster.

Why Become a Volunteer?
  • Make a difference in your community and actively help those in need.
  • Serve with a nonprofit unmatched by any other organization in the world.
  • One-day training prepares you to respond when the time comes.
  • Training in advance moves you to the head of the line when disaster occurs, allowing you to begin making a difference immediately.
  • Additional training in disaster response skills available for those who want to specialize and advance.

Volunteers are trained in:
  • Sheltering
  • Mass Care and Feeding
  • Damage Assessment
  • Bulk Distribution
  • Community Response Center
  • Other Services as Needed

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to volunteer?
Participate in one-day Red Cross training. (Some courses are available online.) Participate in at least one annual disaster drill.

Who can be a volunteer?
The Red Cross works with volunteers as young as 14. All abilities are welcome, too, since many volunteer assignments may be performed by persons with limited mobility. Groups of friends often find success when volunteering together.

Who manages deployed volunteers?
Red Cross employees or highly trained disaster volunteers mentor and manage volunteers. As you gain experience, you may choose to train to supervise and mentor others.

If interested, please contact Jonathan Hammett with the Southwest Louisiana partnerships program at (800) 256-4733. He can tell you more about the program and help your group organize a Ready When the Time Comes team.

National Founding Sponsor

W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Building on its commitment to the American Red Cross, W.W. Grainger, Inc. proudly serves as the national founding sponsor of the Ready When the Time Comes program. This partnership was the recipient of the 2011 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC) Best Partnership Award.