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Special Programs

Northwest Louisiana Health Fair

Health Fair

Health Fair is an opportunity for people to keep an eye on their health, as a form of preventive medicine. The Health Fair involves a blood draw. The blood is spun down on site then sent to the lab for analysis. The tests look at glucose levels, thyroid function, cholesterol breakdowns, liver function and more. The tests range in price from $40 for a comprehensive test to $50 for the comprehensive test plus a PSA (prostate cancer screen) for men. Results are available to participants in about a week. Health Fairs are held five times a year, in different areas of town. Typically they are held in February (southwest Shreveport), May (Bossier), July (Downtown Shreveport), September (Ruston) & November (southeast Shreveport).

For more information about Health Fair, please call Anne Antoniou at (318) 865-9545.

Northwest Louisiana Flu Clinic

Flu & Pneumonia Vaccination Clinics

In the United States, the peak flu season typically ranges from November through March. Influenza (the flu) is a highly infectious disease of the lungs, and it can lead to pneumonia. Each year about 114,000 people in the U.S. are hospitalized and about 36,000 people die because of the flu. More than 90% of those who die are 65 years or older. The best way to prevent the flu is to receive the flu shot. During flu season, the Northwest Louisiana Red Cross offers flu vaccinations to the general public and at area businesses. We also offer pneumonia vaccinations year-round.

If you wish to schedule the Red Cross to come to your business to offer vaccinations, please contact Anne Antoniou at (318) 865-9545.