Disaster Preparedness and Resiliency

Home Fire Campaign

Save lives. Reduce injuries. Build resiliency.

The Home Fire campaign is a nationwide program that aims to save lives, reduce injuries and build more resilient communities through raising awareness, facilitating preventative actions and fostering community participation. The national goal is a 25 percent reduction in home fire deaths in the next five years. Five lives have been saved in Indiana since the program was implemented in October 2014.

Please contact the Indiana Red Cross chapter serving your community.

• Volunteer for the Home Fire Campaign;

• Partner with the Red Cross on this lifesaving initiative; or

• Learn more about fire safety planning, have your smoke alarm batteries checked and replaced, and/or have new smoke alarms installed in your home.

The Pillowcase Project

Learn. Practice. Share.

The Pillowcase Project is a free interactive preparedness program designed for youth ages 8 to 11. The program aims to increase awareness and understanding of natural hazards, teach safety and emotional coping skills, as well as the importance of personal preparedness. Students learn the best ways to stay safe and how to create their own emergency supply kits by packing essentials in a pillowcase for easy transport during a disaster. Students have the opportunity to decorate and personalize their pillowcases and share what they’ve learned with friends and family. The curriculum meets many of the Common Core Standards for grades three to five. The Pillowcase Project is sponsored by Disney. To learn more or to schedule a presentation, call (317) 684-4323 or the Red Cross chapter serving your community.