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Are You Ready to Get Involved?

Do you want to work with a globally recognized organization?

Are you out of the workforce due to retirement or the economy?

Are you just embarking on a career and looking for a way to build or polish your skills so as to gain an advantage in the job market?

Have you seen your time open up as your children have gone off to school or careers?

Are you looking to extend your personal and professional networks or filling your time with purpose?

Join the ranks of 1,800 volunteers in the Northeast Ohio Region who are committed to preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies. Although diverse in skills, backgrounds and experiences, these Red Cross volunteers share a commitment to mobilize when needed to turn compassion into action.

Become a Volunteer Today!

As a volunteer with the American Red Cross you could serve behind the scenes or on the front lines.
  • You could be providing a warm welcome and directions to those seeking information and help at our chapter offices and blood donation sites.
  • You could be keeping accurate records or assisting trained instructors who are delivering life-saving education in CPR, first aid, water safety and other topics.
  • You could be following up with a local military family after an emergency call to their loved one overseas to help with any unresolved needs.
  • You could be on the scene of a fire comforting families, meeting their need for a safe place to stay and the means to take care of the necessities.
  • You could be the recipient of far more than you give, You could be an American Red Cross volunteer.

How Do You Get Started?

Begin a Volunteer Application
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Adult Application

If you are 18+ years of age, submit a volunteer profile, sign required documentation, and submit information for a background check.


Learn about the American Red Cross

You will be asked to review 4 online sessions that highlight the history, fundamental principles, key services and commitments of the American Red Cross.


Train for Your Volunteer Opportunity

Depending on which volunteer path you choose with the American Red Cross, you may need to complete additional training. We will work with you to refer you to the department of your choice and will inform you of any additional training you may need to get started.

For more information email NEOvolunteer@redcross.org or call 216-431-3328.

If you wish to be a blood services volunteer please click “Blood Drives, Donations & Services, Northern Ohio Blood Region” to the right.

Volunteer FAQ

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