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Red Cross Family Living Center

Red Cross Family Living Center (RCFLC) – Montgomery County

In 1981, the Dayton Area Chapter of the American Red Cross established the Montgomery County Emergency Housing Program (EHP) to help combat the growing problem of homelessness in Greater Dayton. From fires and carbon monoxide leaks to displacements from condemned dwellings, evictions and utility shutoffs the Red Cross provides free, temporary housing to more than 500 homeless family members each year. In 2008, the program moved to a new location in partnership with St. Mary Development and the Homeless Solutions Policy Board. Due to a shelter system change in the intake process and services offered the name of the program changed to Red Cross Family Living Center (FLC).

The Red Cross Family Living Center is currently located at 829 South Gettysburg Avenue in Dayton. There are 36 apartment units offered through the program. Typically, families reside in the units for 60-90 days. There is also 1 unit designated as a school unit that children can attend after school tutoring in during the regular school year. This program is completed through our partnership with Dayton Public Schools. For more information, please call 937-279-6034 or contact Director Robert Kelley Jr. at rkelley@dac.redcross.org.

Eligible families must be referred by St. Vincent Gateway Shelter located at 120 West Apple Street in Dayton (937-461-7837). Families go to central intake to complete a Triage Assessment and Family Housing Opportunities Assessment that will match them up with the most appropriate shelter to meet the family’s needs. We are the largest Montgomery County Shelter that serves families.

In addition to our current services, there is a second service in the developmental stage. Due to the increased length of stay from families with disabilities we are hoping to designate some of our units for Permanent Supportive Housing to better service this growing population.

For more information, please call 937-279-6034 or contact Director Robert Kelley at Robert.kelly@redcross.org.