Cape Cod and Islands Heroes 2014

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The Newest Class of Heroes

Gina Lyn Hayes, Cape Cod Therapy Dogs, South Yarmouth.

Animal Hero

Gina Lyn Hayes, Cape Cod Therapy Dogs, South Yarmouth.

Gina Hayes and her dog Ruby have helped make a lot of people feel better. Founder of Cape Cod Therapy Dogs, Hayes took Ruby with her to Newtown after the horrific tragedy in 2012, consoling those affected. Cape Cod Therapy Dogs came to Boston after the Marathon tragedy, and comforted runners and mourners alike. The group is dedicated to healing others, and works with several organizations to do so.

Armed Forces Heroes Aircrew Coast Guard CGNR 6004

Armed Forces Heroes

Aircrew Coast Guard CGNR 6004.

It was the end of a June and a fishing vessel off the coast of Nantucket was rolling in treacherous waters. A crewmember of that vessel was desperately ill, and the Coast Guard crew had to act fast. The crew flew down to the ocean’s surface, rescued the fisherman and took him to a hospital in dangerous weather. Crew members Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Heximer, Petty Officer 2nd Class Joseph Ivy, Lt. Adam Davenport, Lt. Bryan Hoyt and Petty Officer 2nd Class Darcy McGrail are credited with saving the fisherman’s life.

Boston Strong Hero Carrie Consalvi

Boston Strong Hero

Carrie Consalvi, Marstons Mills.

Carrie Consalvi wasn’t expecting a disaster during the 2013 Boston Marathon, but her years of training as a nurse practitioner prepared her for any situation. Volunteering in a medical tent by the finish line, Consalvi ended up helping wounded runners and spectators and their families. She assessed medical needs and provided care for everyone who needed it.

The Newest Class of Heroes

Boston Strong Hero

102nd Intelligence Wing.

The Security Forces Squadron was ready to support the 117th B.A.A. Boston Marathon® on April 15, 2013. The squadron arrived in Newton to support law enforcement, and a six member Joint Incident Site Communications Capability (JISCC) team was deployed to support troop command and provide an uninterrupted mobile satellite-based communications system.

Following the bombings, the 102nd Emergency Operation Center sent the squadron to Boston Common and secured several key federal buildings, the blast site and the marathon runners’ belongings. Meanwhile, the JISCC was directed to move to Boston Common and within an hour set up their satellite communications link for the On-Scene Incident Commander.

Community Impact Heroes Cyndy and Ken Jones

Community Impact Heroes

Kenneth A. and Cynthia J. Jones, Heroes In Transition, Mashpee.

When Ken and Cyndy Jones lost their only child, Captain Eric Jones, in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2009, they knew they had to honor his legacy. In his memory, they created Heroes In Transition, a non-profit organization that provides services to veterans with disabilities. It provides assistance with home modifications for disabled vets, transitional support group therapy, financial support for service families and assistance dogs for veterans.

Community Service Hero - Izzy Thompson

Community Service Hero

Izzy Thompson, Harwich Port.

Izzy Thompson makes it her mission to help the homeless. From delivering warm coats and hats to toiletries and blankets, the Harwich Port woman spends her days providing for the needs of others. Her friends describe her as an unsung hero who is truly worthy of this recognition.

Lt. Colonel Gary Cundiff, Sandwich.

Good Samaritan Hero

Lt. Colonel Gary Cundiff, Sandwich.

Lt. Colonel Gary Cundiff had been on the Department of Defense Marrow Donor Program for three years when he got the call. A woman with blood cancer was in need of stem cells, and Cundiff was a match. He gave up on his competitive cycling and graciously endured side effects and painful procedures during the 6-week donation process.

Ryan C. Kulik, Mashpee.

Good Samaritan Hero

Ryan C. Kulik, Mashpee.

Ryan Kulik’s swift action after a horrific car rollover in Pocasset last November earned him this Heroes award. Kulik was driving by, parked his car and ran over the accident, assessing the situation and securing the scene. He helped free a man from the car, and worked closely with first responders to give them all the information they needed.

The Newest Class of Heroes

Good Samaritan Hero

Anna Maria Waechter, Martsons Mills.

It was a rainy night in June when Anna Maria Waechter’s dog alerted her to a problem. Outside, a woman was pinned underneath a car, calling for help. Waechter ran out to her, and moved her car to protect the woman from getting hit. She then called 9-1-1 and her neighbor, an EMT, for help.

Individual with Disability Hero Christopher R. Bell

Individual with Disability Hero

Christopher R. Bell, Hyannis.

Chris Bell has never let his cerebral palsy slow him down. A college graduate with degrees in sociology and human services, Bell worked as a skills instructor to teach disabled clients math and reading. He volunteered at school athletic events as the official scorer and at the Special Olympics, directing athletes where to go. He is now sightless and confined to a wheelchair, but still enjoys doing as much as he can.

Lifesaving Hero Eli Bonnell

Lifesaving Hero

Eli Bonnell, Edgartown.

Eli Bonnell was in an Edgartown woodworking shop last October when a woman collapsed. She was suffering a massive heart attack and needed immediate attention. Bonnell, a lobsterman, quickly went to work – performing CPR until the medics arrived. It was later learned her heart had stopped twice, and Bonnell’s swift reaction helped save her life.

Lifesaving Hero Joe Bundshuh

Lifesaving Hero

Joe Bundschuh, Hyannis.

Joe Bundschuh was delivering a pizza early last December when he spotted a fire at a nearby apartment building. He immediately called 9-1-1, but when a window blew out by a stairwell, he knew he’d have to do more. Joe ran to the side of the building where two small children were lowered into his arms, followed by the mother and father who jumped to safety.

Lifesaving Hero Zachary Hunter

Lifesaving Hero

Zachary Hunter, Centerville.

Zachary Hunter was attending a wedding last September when the groom’s father went into cardiac arrest. A firefighter and EMT for the Centerville- Osterville-Marstons Mills Fire Department, Hunter started performing CPR. He continued, even when the father’s heart stopped twice, to give CPR until the paramedics arrived., saving the man’s life.

Lifesaving Hero Mike McNally

Lifesaving Hero

Mike McNally, Marstons Mills.

Mike McNally earned his Hero award last June, when he raced to help a woman trapped in a burning car. After several attempts, he was finally able to pull her out and carried her away just moments before the car burst into flames. She was transported to the hospital where she was treated for burns.

The Newest Class of Heroes

Lifesaving Hero

Barnstable Beach Staff

When an older woman was spotted face down in the water at Covell’s Beach, lifeguards Brian Cundiff and Meghan Mamlock removed her from the water, checked her vital signs and found she wasn’t breathing. While another lifeguard called 9-1-1, Julia Rugo, Kellen Comer and Claire Barre started a cycle of CPR to keep her alive until the rescue team arrived. Sam Holway, the beach gate attendant and Matt Goula the beach supervisor cleared a path for the ambulance and closed the entrance to the beach. Though the woman later died, the rescue team said that the lifeguards’ quick response and CPR were instrumental in keeping her alive until help arrived.

Professional Hero Jason Marathas

Professional Hero

Jason Marathas, Tisbury Police Department.

It was an early May morning when Tisbury Police Officer Jason Marathas was called to Oak Bluffs to help save a man who was drowning in 50 degree water. Marathas acted quickly once he spotted the victim, and jumped in to help. He spent 40-minutes in the icy water, and was able to swim the victim back to land and safety.

Professional Hero Timothy Jaques

Professional Hero

Lt. Timothy Jaques and Lt. Michael J. Mason, Harwich Fire Department.

An accident during a diving training almost lead to tragedy last fall, had it not been for the quick work of Harwich Firefighters Lt. Timothy Jaques and Lt. Michael Mason. A dive truck rolled into the water, striking one person on land and pinning another underwater. Mason quickly took command of all personnel, assisting the injured diver on land, while Jaques freed the diver pinned underwater.

Red Cross Volunteer Hero Ted Smith

Red Cross Volunteer Hero

Edward “Ted” Smith, Dennis Port.

Ted Smith has been a dedicated volunteer since 2003. He has deployed to 20 different disasters, helping meet the needs of folks across the country. Though he has recently retired and moved to New Jersey, his years of willingness to serve others earned him this award.