2014 Joplin Heroes

  • Joplin Heroes 2014
Jerrod Hogan

Jarrod Hogan has worked for Rebuild Joplin since 2011 and also serves as co-chair for the Bright Futures program. In 2013, he helped organize a bicycle ride from Joplin to New Orleans. In his desire to benefit his community, Jerrod helped create a format for connecting community resources with people in need to help our community grow and prosper.

For his dedication to others and his selfless acts of generosity, Jerrod Hogan is truly an Everyday Hero.

John Lair

John Lair has dedicated countless hours of his life to coaching Special Olympics athletes, bettering their lives and inspiring them to achieve. He has also worked to improve their training facilities through grants. He truly exemplifies what it is to be a leader, encouraging people to improve themselves and achieve things they perhaps never thought possible before.

For his leadership and inspiration to others, John Lair is an Everyday Hero.

Kristi Seibert

Kristi is a breast cancer survivor who acts as an advocate for local women making sure they have access to screenings and treatment. She has donated innumerable hours for breast cancer organizations and now works for the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks. She helps women during their fight against cancer, always taking the time to give them individual attention and emotional support.

For providing hope and compassion to others, Kristi Seibert is a true Everyday Hero.

Robin Childs

Robin Childs, a 20-year engineer with Ozark Electric Cooperative, rescued a grandmother and her three small grandchildren from there burning home. The woman and her grandchildren, premature twins just home from the hospital and another very young child, had protection from the bitter cold because of one mans kindness.

For stepping in and taking action in a time of crisis, Robin Childs is an Everyday Hero.

Sgt. Ron Greer

In November, Sergeant Ron Greer saved the life of Abbi, only 9 months-olds. Sgt. Greer responded to a 9-1-1 call regarding a choking infant, arriving within minutes of being dispatched. Abbi was unconscious when he arrived on scene. He removed the obstruction that was blocking her airway and helped her breathe until paramedics arrived.

For being trained in lifesaving skills and saving the life of a precious child, Sgt. Ron Greer is truly an Everyday Hero.

Wade Atkeson

Wade Atkeson truly gives to his community, always having time to help people while also farming and homeschooling his son. He helps elderly and disabled people in his neighborhood to make their every day live easier. He has built ramps to improve home access for people with disabilities, does yard maintenance for the elderly and assists them with transportation when they can’t get around by themselves.

For his attitude of servitude and generosity, Wade Atkeson is honored as an Everyday Hero.