Emergency Minor Home Repair (EMHR)

  • New Mexico Home Repair
The City of Albuquerque Department of Family & Community Services provides funding for emergency and minor home repairs for qualified homeowners through the American Red Cross in New Mexico (Albuquerque metro area ONLY).

How To Get Started:

To apply for service, please call (505) 265-8514. Please ask for the Minor Home Repair Department. You will need to have the following information ready*:
  • Your name, phone number and address
  • The number of persons living in your home
  • The source and amount of income for all persons living in your home (documentation is required)
  • Proof of home ownership (deed, title, real estate contract, or current property tax bill)
  • The nature of the repairs to be completed
*Note: No work can begin until documentation of income, assets, and home ownership has been received.

Program Intent

For the past twenty-two years, your local American Red Cross Chapter has administered a Community Development Block Grant from the City of Albuquerque, Department of Family and Community Services.

The objective of the program is to assist low- to moderate-income home-owners who do not have sufficient resources to make needed repairs to alleviate dangerous conditions in their homes.

Under the terms of the Emergency Minor Home Repair grant, all owner-occupants living in the Albuquerque city limits who meet established income and ownership qualifications may receive FREE emergency and minor home repairs from licensed, bonded contractors and/or qualified technicians.

Repairs on the property should be of an emergency nature, and the client must have no other resources for repairs.

Client Eligibility Qualifications

In order to be eligible for the Emergency and Minor Home Repair Program you must meet the following requirements:
  • The property must be inside Albuquerque City Limits
  • The owner must live in the home and provide proof of ownership
  • The household income cannot exceed the HUD guidelines listed below:
Family Size - Income Limit
1 Person - $34,650
2 People - $39,600
3 People - $44,550
4 People - $49,500
5 People - $53,500
6 People - $57,450
7 People - $61,400
8 People - $65,350

*Effective April 2012*

Provide three months of consecutive check stubs, or a Social Security Benefit Letter
for the current year, and/or a Pension/ Retirement letter, etc. (All forms of income.)
  • If you have a checking account, provide: Six months of checking account balances or six-month average balance
  • If you have a savings account, provide: Current savings account balance
  • You must have no other resources for repairs
*Note: Income limits include all residents living in the home at the time services are provided.

Services Provided:

Through the Emergency Minor Home Repair Program, the American Red Cross in New Mexico will hire licensed, bonded contractors to provide repairs for the following services:
  • Electrical
  • Furnace Repairs
  • Gas Leaks
  • Main Water Lines
  • Major Plumbing
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Replacements (if funding permits)*
  • Sewer Line Problems
  • Water Heaters
American Red Cross technicians may provide repairs for the following services:
  • Minor Plumbing Repairs
  • Minor Home Repairs
*Note: The program provides replacements only when repairs are not successful